Choosing the right photographer

If you are just embarking on your modelling career you will probably have already googled 'model portfolios' or glamour model portfolios' which may be why you have ended up here. The first thing I would say is please don't fall for the low cost portfolios that offer you the earth for £99! You will not get a professional portfolio for £99 unless the photographer is giving their time away for free! For example, we have a £95 portfolio shoot but we never try and convince the client that a single hour session will generate enough images for a full portfolio.

If you are serious about a modelling career then you shouldn't be looking for the cheapest photographer you can find. I'm not saying that there aren't good 'low cost' photographers out there but be careful. Compare their images against some of the more established photographers and see if there is a difference.  

A good photographer should be able to offer different styles of shots and lighting as well. Be aware of photographers with only very evenly lit images in their galleries. For a range of styles for your portfolio you either need to go with a photographer who can shoot a variety or styles or have several photoshoots with different photographers.

glamour model portfolio photoshoots

How long a shoot do I need to book?

How long is a piece of string? The length of the shoot will depend on what you want out of it and the particular style. For example, I shot an established glamour model called Cara Brett and she was in the studio for six hours. We got a great range of images in the styles that she wanted but the shoot was mainly nude. No changes of clothing, just lighting setups. Cara travelled up from the south to shoot a particular art nude/erotic with me because she liked my style. I shot another model for a two hour art nude photoshoot. At the end of the photoshoot she was aching all over because of all the shapes that she had been forming. This is something to bear in mind when deciding on styles. Different styles can have different impacts on the model. Modelling isn't just standing there and being photographed. It can be very hard work. A photographer once said that anything more than 6 great images from a full day would be a bonus.

Feeling apprehensive?

Feeling a little apprehensive about coming to our studio to be photographed nude? Then check out our 'Home Shoots' service where we will come to you so you can stay in familiar and relaxing surroundings.

Deal of the Month

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Spotlight Model

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Our Spotlight Model of the Month is Tatum Barnes. If you fancy being the next Spotlight Model and be featured on our website then simply book a shoot with us and get your own Spotlight Model page on

Art Nude Photoshoot

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